The Swedish Linnells from Linneryd parish Västorps, Kronoberg, Sweden


The Swedish Linnell’s in the United States descend from Magnus Jonasson from Västorps, Kronoberg, Sweden and are of no relation to Robert Linnell.  Magnus Immigrated to USA in 1852 with his wife and 4 children. Changed his name from Magnus Jonasson to Magnus Linnell after their Lutheran parish at Linneryd.

Certainly no part of America is as well known in Sweden as Chisago Lake and Chisago County in Minnesota, and this one may attribute entirely to Vilhelm Moberg and his emigrant novels. When doing emigration research, one comes to see clearly that Moberg's story is reality in the form of fiction. Everything has happened that Moberg wrote about, and the people of his novels have lived, though they may not have been called Karl Oskar or Kristina. But who, then, was the first actual emigrant from Kronoberg län to settle by Chisago Lake, drawing other Smålanders to this area, so that it could be called "Småland in America"? 

His name was Magnus Jonasson Linnell and he came from Ljuder's neighboring parish, Linneryd. He was born November 1, 1813, at Västorps Lambritsgård in Furuby parish.  He had received a bit more education than was customary at that time and he was known as "the best writer" (storskrivaren).  His job was keeping books and correspondence in connection with the lumber trade.  When he came to America, he was able to earn some extra money by building houses. It has been said that Magnus Jonasson liked to dress well and wear silver buckles on his shoes. His youngest brother, Daniel Jonasson of Tollstorp Häggagård in Hovmantorp parish, was an assessor, and this ought to support the notion that Magnus Jonasson came from good stock.

It was when Magnus Jonasson was working at the home of a well-to-do farmer that he met the girl who would later be his wife. Her name was Lisa Stina Johansdotter Falk. Her parents were poor, but she had been raised in this wealthy farm home, where there were no children. She was born January 22, 1820, in Hovmantorp parish.  They were married in 1838 and then moved to Kuppramåla Skattegård in Linneryd parish. It is from this parish that the family later took its name, Linnell.“ (Sven Adolfsson, Magnus Jonasson Linnell: A Real Karl Oskar, Swedish Pioneer Historical Society, 1978)

Magnus had four Sons and six daughters.  The Linnell surname carried on to his sons, Olaf M. Linnell born in 1840 who died in Grove City, MN in 1930 and Otto Albert Linnell born in 1858 who died in Tacoma, Wa in 1934.