John Warren Linnell 118, 241, 5 Found by Dna

Portraits of half-bothers John Warren Linnell Jr b. 1815 and Joseph Benjamin Linnell b. 1827 both sons of John Warren Linnell Sr.

John Warren Linnell was born 1787 June 19th in Belgrade, Kennebec Co., Maine to Joseph and Mary (Lombard). John married Elizabeth “Betsy” Batchelder about 1810 they had five children; James, John Warren Jr., Elizabeth, Adeline and Virgil, the youngest about 1821.  Shortly after the birth of Virgil, John Warren Linnell mysteriously disappeared.

According to the research of Rachel Linnell Wynn, John disappeared from the family not long after his son Virgil was born in 1821.  Stories of what happened to him were passed down from generation to generation, but no one really knew for sure. Did he drown in a lake looking for land? Was he killed by Indians on a cattle drive in Vermont?

With more and more people submitting their DNA to data banks, we are able to answer some questions surrounding a few of our Linnell family mysteries. One of those stories that seem would never be solved, is that of John Warren Linnell.  With lots of research and DNA, a direct lineal descendant in Canada has put to rest what happened to John Warren Linnell.  According to a lineal descendant of the family, 14 DNA results of cousins confirm matches to the Joseph Linnell and Sarah Lombard line and matches to John Warren Linnell's son John Warren Linnell Jr’s line.

After 1821 John traveled north to Canada and by 1826 was married to Mary (Waddell?).  In 1837 John is listed living in Minto, Township outside of Toronto “Linnell John Concession 8, lot 1 Mono L540” and was later listed in the 1851 Census in Arthur, Minto, Wellington, Ontario Canada.  Eventually, John moved to Egremont, Grey County, Ontario, Canada where he died May 23rd 1864.

John and his second wife Mary had Joseph, Ann, Sarah, and William.  The picture that starts this thread is a side by side comparison of two of John’s children, John Warren Linnell Jr. born on August 20th, 1815 and Joseph born on October 27th, 1827.


  1. This connection was found by me!!.. I used the DNA results from my late cousin Melvin Gail Linnell.. whose DNA matched to the Joseph Linnell and Sarah Lombard Line.
    1. Found that Warren Linnell was married to Betsy Bacheldor.. but had left in 1824 or so..according to story in about Warren Linnell drowning in a lake, getting killed by Indians or finding a new wife and family ( which he did)
    2. Discovered his name was John Warren Linnell in marriage doc with Betsy.
    3. Found picture of John Warren Linnell b1815 .. and was so similar to my maternal Uncles .
    4. Found John Linnell on the 1851 Census -
    5. Then to my amazement found John living with his daughter Sarah Linnell w/o John Blaney stated born USA...
    6 Most importantly, I had read in about the story of Warren Linnell leaving his family ( by a descendant of Elizabeth B Linnell- d/o of Warren and Betsy)that Warren had left to

    ah, He was listed as John Linnen but listed as Member of Family (Male).. born USA..
    6 Death date then questioned.. so family member went to cemetery. to discover John had died in 1864.
    7. And when DNA testing was done, I discovered that I too was DNA related to John Warren Linnell.. and to his children with Betsy Batcheldor..
    7. Discovered that his grandson was named Albert Warren Linnell b1879.. thus named after John ..


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