Richard Luvel of Farthingstone - Coroner


The office of coroner was established by lex scripta in Richard I's England. In September 1194, it was decreed by Article 20 of the "Articles of Eyre" to establish the office of custos placitorum coronae (Latin for "keeper of the pleas of the Crown"), from which the word "coroner" is derived. This role provided a local county official whose primary duty was to protect the financial interest of the Crown in criminal proceedings. The office of coroner is, "in many instances, a necessary substitute: for if the sheriff is interested in a suit, or if he is of affinity with one of the parties to a suit, the coroner must execute and return the process of the courts of justice. "This role was qualified in Chapter 24 of Magna Carta in 1215, which states: "No sheriff, constable, coroner or bailiff shall hold pleas of our Crown."  Richard Luvel, the son of Alexander Luvel was the lord of Farthingstone and Kislingbury. See Linnell History.

Known Northamptonshire Coroners' Rolls regarding Richard Luvel of Farthingstone


1315-6 9 Ed3

King to the sheriff, we command that you exact William de Alne chaplain.Hugh Flemyng, Richard de Muscote, John le Smyth de Buckebrok, Richard Cappe, William atteWell, William de Offynton, John Sweyn de Irlande, John de Offynton, Nicholas Benet, Walter de Offynton, Elia de Shitelanger, Peter Bonavente, Richard Luvel & Robert Michel. William Lovel sheriff answers that William de Ane was exacted but did not appear therefore he is outlawed

1322-3 16 Ed2

Raph son of Roger de Chacumbe dalby in county Leicester said he was a thief before R. Luvel. He stole 2 colts in Seggeswold in county Leicester and appealed Robert le Reve de Sibertoft for assisting him? He appeals Roger servant to Thomas le Cursoun de Sibertoft for taking a mare and a colt in Asshebyschule in county Leicester and selling them at (habiton) for 24 shillings. He appeals Hugh Drake de Dyngele for taking a mare in Chacumbe Dalby. He appeals ____ servant to William de Boklond parson of the church de Blath[er]wyk... 2 steers in the fields of Wissenden. He appeals John de Bolewyk once servant to William the parson de Blathwyk for taking 2 colts from the park of Osleston and selling them at Harberewe for (18) shillings and 8 shillings? He appeals Robert Balle de Clyve, John Erdburg de Staunforde for taking 15 wethers at Asshewell in county Rutland. He appelas Robert Gannok de Walmesford and Hugh Schot of the same for taking a mare at Langham in Rutland and selling it at Yekesle. He appeals Simon Bernesone de Walmesford for taking a mare in Colde Overton. He appeals John de Carleton de Castre and Nicholas de Carleton of the same for taking a mare worth 15 shillngs at Colde Overton. He appeals John de Colmle de Castre and William Colmle of the same for taking a 'turall' at Longethorp and 2 brass dishes worth 5 shillings and other things. He appeals Roger Blereye de Holade lately in Peterborough 'ex occidental parte le Barygappe' and Thomas de (Castebitham) in Rutland and John Leyk in county Nottingham for taking 6 bushels of wheat worth 8 shillings at Gunthorp. He appeals Thomas le soutor de Allwelton for receiving 2 bushels of beans worth 2 shillings. He appeals Richard son of Peter Burdet de Burton senit lazer for 2 bushels of beans worth 2 shillings.

John le Smyth de Russhenden confessed he was a thief before Richard Luvel and says that with Robert ate Park de Newenton, William ate Park, John ate Park, G. Druel his servant, Richard son of Geoffrey, William Page, Richard chaplain de Newenton...Box de Asshewell, John de Asshewell and Roger Wanill de Tilbrok stole from the church at Newenton juxta Heyham Feres. He says John Druel harboured goods at Newenton. He says Henry ____d de Keston and Robert ate Parke de Newenton, William ate Park, John ate Park...Roger Wa___, (Hugh) Box, John de Ashewell & Geoffrey Omond de Stevynton (killed) John (Heroun) de Snelleston at Snelleston in county Bedford.

John le Smyth case, original from AALT

Alan Martyn de Buckeby confessed he was a thief before John de Asshton & Richard Luvel coroners. He said that he killed John son of John ate (Boby) at Buckeby. The same probator appeals Roger son of Peter Skynnere de Davyntre, John Dusyng de Charwelton, John de (Br)rantingesthorp, William Wobely, William Trot de Rokeby living at Davintre for killing the aforesaid John with him. He appeals Margery Johanesleman le Taylour for receiving at Hechan Ferers. He appeals Alexander Cay de Braundeston, John Cay his brother, John hors de Lutterwirth miller, Geoffrey le Muleward de Catesby, Geoffrey Mulward de Byfeld lately of Baddeby, William Hogges de Buckeby & John le Muleward de Lodington for robbing a merchant. He appeals John and Thomas sons of John le Manner de Yelvirtoft, Nicholas le Smyth de Yelvertoft, Richard Henry de Westhaddon for taking 17 sheep at Stratford upon Avon in county Warwick. He appeals Richard le Westerne miller de Crek & (Robert) Tibbes/Gibbes de Buckeby for taking two colts at Newenham juxta Eveshill and they had one colt each

Alan Martyn case, original from AALT

Geoffrey Omond de Stevinton confessed he was a thief before Richard Luvel coroner. He said that with Richard de Burton... stealing at Wodeford juxta Thrapston at the hosue of John Killebellok de Wodeford...John & William Malyn. He says that with Richard de Burton they stole a cow in the fields of Aldwyncle. He appeals Richard Dilkes de Wodeford for harbouring him at Wodeford? He appeals Thomas Brabazoun for two pigs in the wood of (Gotisler). He appeals John Joce de Wodeforde. He appeals John le Smith de Risshenden, William le Northerne of the same, Hugh Box de Ashwell & John de Asshewell for taking steers at Barton Hanred. He appeals Thomas Knotte de Risshenden for taking a mare at Hecham Ferers, Roger ate Grene de Risshenden, John T__le of the same & William Fancous of the same.

John ate Water de Repinghale in county Lincoln confessed he was a thief before Richard Luvel coroner...3 sheep at Stanerne...the woods of Geytington. He appeals William ate Dam de Brigstok, Robert (Nikael) of the same, Henry son of Peter of the same of taking cattle at Clyve, the house of Walter de Tykesovere at Staunford. He appeals the same Walter de Tykesovere de Staunford...3 cattle in Croulondfeld juxta Depyng in county Lincoln. He appeals Henry Audoun de Ketering. He appeals William (Sok) de Orlingbury, Robert son of Richard of the same, John in the hirne de Wendlingburgh and Henry le Brakere de Brigstoke for stealing cows at (Daylinton).

Ralph de Schu(tlanger) confessed he was a thief before Richard Luvel coroner. Nicholas de Sutton of county York, William Puddingar__ of the same, Walter de Limby of county Lincs/Lancs, ____ de county York, Thomas Chaunceler & Walter Schangton deprived Humfry de (Litlebury) (in his manor of Holbek in county Lincoln).

Robert Savage de Pykenhamwade in county Northfolch confessed he was a thief before Richard Luvell coroner...stole a horse from Roger de Crik de Norht in Estchep London. The same Robert appeals Richard de Jakyl and John (servant of) Thomas de Novo Castro for taking a mare in Execton/Egecton in county Northampton. He appeals the aforesaid Thomas de Novo Castro... Thomas (Jeryn) de Leycestre. He appeals Ralph de Carleton, the house of John de Horwode parson of the church of St ___ Northampton...Simon Fynt de (Northampton). He appeals Simon Fynt. He appeals William (Bost) de Bery de ha____... a horse at Bernak juxta Staunford in county Northampton and selling it at Grauntebruge for 11 shillings of which the probator received 4 shillings. He appeals Roger de Crek de Northampton for stealing an oxen in (the park of the bishop of London in county Middlesex) and selling it at London at le Stockes for 15 shillings of which the probator had 5 shillings and the aforesaid Roger 10 shillings. He appeals William (Neunenton), Simon de Rudham de Northampton for taking a horse at ____ in county H____ worth 11 shillings and a horse in the fields of Rishingden juxta Hecham worth 6 shillings. He appeals Simon de Rudham de Northampton of harbouring two horses at Northampton. He appeals Stephen de Wolde. Continued....He appeals William de Grendon, (Robert desman), John Brid de Bernewell vagabond for robbery? He appeals William le Whelwrahe de Undale & Emma his wife of harbouring the probator at Undale. He appeals John Phelip de Tanesovere for harbouring him. He appeals William Hamond de Tanesovere of harbouring him. He appeals Walter le Mayster de Ryngstede for harbouring a grey horse worth 2 shillings stolen juxta Rothewell. He appeals Gilbert atehalle de Ryngstede...a coat (supertunic) and ... He appeals Roger le Uphaldere de Ringstede for harboring a coat and a tunic and __ worth 3 shillings. He appeals L. le Upholden de _____ a sleeveless tunic (collobro) and a coat and a hood stolen at Egeton.

1323-4 17 Ed2

Robert Payn de Bolewyk confessed he was a thief before Simon de Keylmersh and Richard Luvel coroners. He said that with John de Staunford de Nassington, William Smith de Yarwell, Walter le Gres of the same took a steer at Aylington in county Huntingdon. He says that John Poule de Bolewyk, Simon Aylington of the same, Thomas Gremory of the same, Robert Oalveeg and John Cook de Foderyngeye at Denthorpe they stole 'utensilia' and other goods worth 10 shillings. He says that with John Pounteys de Bolewyk ...John de Arderne stole ...He says that with Geoffrey Cokedon & Emma Cokedon de Bolewyk and Simon de Pisford of the same he broke into the grange of Richard Caynel and carried away (2) quarters of barley. He says that with Simon carpenter de Bolewyk and John de Blarwyk of the same and Simon de Pysforde and Robert Caynel killed John servant to John Deugayne 'subtus paroun de Haringworth'. He day that with John le Bede de Rothwell and William Cote de Blatherwyk they entered the mill of William de Sentlyce at Sexton Rutland and killed the miller?

Robert Erneys de Potterspery confessed he was a thief before Simon de Keylmarsh coroner. He said that with Richard de Hoghton, John le Fosester, Robert desman broke into the watermill of William de Nevile at Welton and stole woollen and linen. He appeals Amice le Noreys de Wolaston and Matilda her daughter for harbouring him and other thieves at Wolaston...bronze pots and 2 dishes. He appeals Lecia de Wykele for harbouring him at Wikele with woollen and linen stolen. He appeals Teye de Chastel ____ de Rothewell for harbouring him and others at Rothwell. He appeals Isabell Fraunceys de Ware for harbouring him and John de Ourcestre at Ware with a blue tunic and a russet ____. He appeals Matilda de Skyford...Banbury 'upholder' of harbouring him at Banbury and a blue shirt and a jacket. He appeals John Bul de Toucestre for harbouring him and Richard de Brackle and a bronze pot and a dish and woollen and linen. he appeals Gilbert Vynter de Toucestre for harbouring him and a pot, dish, woollen and linen. He appeals Robert atte Walle de Toucestre for harbouring Richard de Banbury, William brother of Richard, Roger de (Evesham) and John de Durcestre/Burcestre ....linen. He appeals Beatrice once the wife of Robert de Hoghton de Northampton for harbouring him with a brass pot and 2 dishes. He appeals Simon Pr(imone) de Northampton... 2 (tunics) de blanket and a coat. He appeals Stephen le Tothdrawyere for entering the water mill at Cheping Wardon and carrying off __ and 3 woollen/linen. He appeals Thomas Hyntes Roberdesman & Richard Hyntes for entering the water mill juxta Sleforde in county Leicester and carrying off linen and woollen. He appeals Heff__ le Tayllour de Northampton for stealing cloth and a tunic.

Nigel de Bertun super Trent confessed he was thief before Simon de Keylmersh and Richard Luvel coroners. He said that with Nicholas le Swon de Rode he broke into the grange of the rector of the church of Scheringdon and carried away goods. The house of Nicholas Bonde in Potterespery. He said that with Nicholas le Swon he broke into the grange of the rector of the church of Emberton in county Buckingham and carried away quarters of wheat. John Warlawe (in filgrave). He said that Nicholas le Swon did robbery at Cleydon in county Bucks. Richard Wurne del Hide. He said he stole (2) quarters of wheat at Stoke in county Bucks and that Walter le Bacster de Ravenenestone juxta Yerdele Hasting stole corn? He says that with John Broun de Yerdele Hasting he stole woollen and lines worth 40 shillings and more at magna Brickhull in county Bedford. He said that he stole a red colt ... Richard ate Grene de Cogenho. He said that with Nicholas le Swon he stole from the water mill at Alderton ... Richard Aldych de Ashen...Thoma Oarmfey de Alderton. Agnes Burre de Stonistratford. Wyken. John (Lilie) de Stonistratford.

Nicholas le Swon de Rode confessed he was a thief before Simon de Keylmersh and Richard Luvel coroners. He said that with Nicholas Bonde de Feninstratford and Nigel de Burton super Trent he entered the house of Henry Spigurnel in Pokesle and carried off goods (listed). With Ralph Tinkere de Coten he stole two brass pots and ? at Hekeneye in county ___. With William Sikerbeche, William and Thomas sons of William de Hardingesthorne tooks 44 sheep at Dodington. With Walter son of Nicholas de Pedington latley in Haclington, William de (Bydoch) de Horton and William his son took 40 sheep at Abingdon near Northampton. With Robert Janekyn de Rode he took a cow at S___. With John Rawour de Peuelespery and William Pecus of the same he took 2 steers at Kedlington in county Oxford. With Reginald Smith de Cottenale...With Henry son of Sarre Smith de Potterspery deprived a merchant of his goods worth 40 shillings and more? With John de (Exoma) he took 3 sheep juxta Stowe..the house of John Plocman at Stokebrewere. He said he stole a cow at Banbury.

1329-31 3-4 Edward III

Coroner Roll, original from AALT

1348 22 Edward III
Christina de Stoke of Ashby St Ledgers states that on the Sunday before the feast of St Matthew certain malefactors came with force and arms, broke into the house of her husband, Seman de Stoke, and attacked and killed him. She can have no justice because of their threats and because of the maintenance of the Sheriff. She requests a commission to justices and to Richard Luvel and Thomas de Wenlok to inquire into these malefactors, at the King's suit as well as that of the party, and to send those who are found guilty to the Tower of London to answer and stand at common law.

SC 8/239/11915

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