The Amos Otis Writings On The Linnell Family As They Were Published in the Barnstable Patriot in 1866

Amos Otis was a Historian living in Barnstable that became a well-known name for future genealogists.  His series of family history sketches and papers published in the Barnstable Patriot, one being on the Linnell family.  His papers were published in 1888 and a copy of them reside in The Library of Congress in Washington D.C.

One of the he best quotes from Amos Otis in the Linnell family sketches was Elisha Linnell 118, 73 , one of the sons of Jabez Linnell 118, 73 "born, Oct 20th 1740, was the laziest among the lazy, and he took no offence when reproved for his slothful and vagrant habits.  If such notoriety be an honor, Elisha would have undisputed claim to be called the champion of the lazy.  He was courteous in his address, had a ready command of language, and there was always a spice of humor in his conversation. He was not a mean beggar, he would not receive a mean gift, or one that involved any effort on his part. He assumed that he had a right to beg, and that it was the duty of the more wealthy to give. As illustrations of his character and manner I select the following from many amusing stories told of him. 

Nearly sixty years ago, when I was a child, Elisha called at my father's house.  Addressing my father, he said, “I have no corn in my house, I pray that out of your great abundance, you will give me only half a bushel.”  My father, knowing Elisha's character and habits, said ,“I am busy today, if you will go to the crib and shell it yourself you may take “only half a bushel” Quoth Elisha,  “I will go a leetle further, and if I do not get it ready shelled I will call on my return and shell it.“  He did not call on his return."

The Barnstable Patriot - March 27th 1866
The Barnstable Patriot - April 3rd 1866
The Barnstable Patriot - April 10th 1866
The Barnstable Patriot - April 24th 1866